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4 Tips That’ll Make You a RemoBell connoisseur


Congratulations! You are an individual who surely cares about reliable home security- the
RemoBell is the most dependable security doorbell that you can find, but you didn’t need me to
know that. You’re probably using it right now – checking when your packages arrive, talking to
with your guests, or seeing if someone is trying to play games with your home.Well, I hope you’re
enjoying your RemoBell.


Hopefully, you felt more at peace with your doorbell installed. However, the reason you came to
this article wasn’t to learn about how you’re enjoying the heck out of your doorbell right? It was to
find those little tips that will enhance your RemoBell experience. Well, here are 4 things you need
to know that will take you from a RemoBell user to a RemoBell connoisseur


1.Recharge your batteries.
When you received your RemoBell, it came with 6AA rechargeable batteries. If you haven’t already,
you need to buy 6 more AA batteries and a battery charger. This way, you can switch between the
two sets of battery, and, basically, never worry about charging your device. Other battery operated
surveillance system are gonna make you wait days for it to fully charge. You want to know what
that is — time your home is not protected. Protect your home at all time.


We recommend the EBL AA Battery Charger


2.Adjust your motion setting
With every home, the environment is always different. If you live in the city, there’s always cars and
pedestrians passing by. If you live in the suburbs, it’s more calmer and less movement around the
area. Depending on where you live, you probably want to change motion settings accordingly.
Don’t be flanked with notifications on your phone; just, adjust your motion so you get the calls that
actually matter.
Here is a how to guide on How to set up your motion.



3.Don’t drill… tape it
The beauty that comes with the RemoBell is that you can place the doorbell wherever you want.
Because it is battery powered, there are no limitations to where you could mount it. However, a
stumbling block could be that you cannot drill a certain part of your home, like the door or your
garage. There are adhesive mounting tape that works like a charm, and trust me – it’s strong. You
can place the tape on the back of your bracket then take the safety strip off the tape to attach it to
your wall. Whether it’s the garage, your backyard, or your gate, be flexible on where you mount the
We recommend the Exterior Scotch Mounting Tape
4.Extend your WiFi range


Every Wi-Fi enabled device has an issue when they are too far from the router. Whether it is your
laptop or your phone, if it’s too far from the Wi-Fi, you won’t get a stable connection. The RemoBell
reacts the same way. However, you can improve your Wi-Fi by getting an
extender. A Wi-Fi extender is a plug in antenna that boosts the range of your network connection;
so, if you place the DoorBell by the gate of fence, it will cover further lengths of your home.


We Recommend the TP-Link AC12000



Let us Know

If you would like to share other tips you’ve found with the RemoBell, make sure to leave it on the comment section below. If you have cool videos that you’ve recorded with your RemoBell, don’t hesitate to send it over to us at marketing@olivendove.com. Remember to also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin!

Olive & Dove

Olive & Dove Inc makes Smart Home products. Our first product is RemoCam, a Smart Home security camera. Our second product is RemoBell, a wireless video doorbell. We strive to deliver best quality product and software with smart, intuitive, and caring technology.

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Apartment Security Tips You’ve Never Heard Of

Featured photo of Stairs Home of an Apartment
It is amazing how many residents do not think about home security because they live in an apartment complex. Breaking into an empty apartment is almost as easy as breaking into a house. In fact, there have been cases where some “cunning” home intruders, who dressed up as police officers, broke into two apartments.
Just as how burglars target apartments different from single family houses, we also have to approach some home security measures differently. Here is a list of security tips you should use if you live in an apartment.

1. Avoid Ground-Floor Apartments

Selecting which floor you live in an apartment can determine how much more you have to worry about your home security.
Ground floor apartments are vulnerable for break-in because tenants will have to worry about both the front door and windows, while most higher floor apartments only need to worry about the front door. So, if you plan to live on the ground floor, just remember to take extra precautions.

2. Create a Security Pact with Neighbors

If you live in an apartment complex, befriending a neighbor is way more effective than if you lived in a neighborhood of 2-story houses; your neighbors are literally a door over.
40% of burglars have stated that the proximity of neighbors is an effective deterrent. Create a pact with your neighbors and look out for each others’ homes.

3. Ask the Landlord A LOT of Questions

It is always smart to befriend your landlord and ask them any questions regarding the apartment security and any past incidences of break-ins. You want to know what extra security measures you need to take in order to ensure your apartment is safe.
Another question to ask your landlord is whether your door locks have been changed from the previous tenants. Sometimes landlords forget, so always keep your landlord accountable.

4. Place a Security Camera Inside Your Home

It is no surprise why burglars find security cameras as the number one factor to consider when targeting a home. Home Security Cameras provide surveillance, alarms, and concrete evidence.
However, security systems can become very expensive, if you purchase from companies like ADT. But, if you want a cheaper alternative that captures the whole apartment for a cheaper price, get yourself a smart home security camera.

5. Buy Extra EXTRA DeadBolts

Most burglars want to be in and out of a home as quick as possible; they only try to spend 8 to 12 minutes per home. That is why, having extra deadbolts are crucial.  Apartment spaces are small, so searching and grabbing jewelry is quick and easy.
All they would need to do is break down the door and just quickly go through the apartment, compared to a house that is a bit bigger and more area to cover. Also, 59.2% of burglaries occurred with some form of force, so have that extra fortification for your front door.

6. Peephole Alternative

The peephole has always been the ultimate front door monitoring tool; however, with its fish lens view, you cannot get a clear picture of everything  outside your apartment. Hence comes the peephole alternative: a wireless video doorbell. These devices are taking over the smart home security market because it monitors the most important entryway for an apartment — the front door.
The issue with many video doorbells is that it requires some type of wire; however,  if you are worried about that then think of investing on a RemoBell that only require batteries.  Place it anywhere outside your home and still get that full monitoring experience.

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