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Apartment Security Tips You’ve Never Heard Of

Featured photo of Stairs Home of an Apartment
It is amazing how many residents do not think about home security because they live in an apartment complex. Breaking into an empty apartment is almost as easy as breaking into a house. In fact, there have been cases where some “cunning” home intruders, who dressed up as police officers, broke into two apartments.
Just as how burglars target apartments different from single family houses, we also have to approach some home security measures differently. Here is a list of security tips you should use if you live in an apartment.

1. Avoid Ground-Floor Apartments

Selecting which floor you live in an apartment can determine how much more you have to worry about your home security.
Ground floor apartments are vulnerable for break-in because tenants will have to worry about both the front door and windows, while most higher floor apartments only need to worry about the front door. So, if you plan to live on the ground floor, just remember to take extra precautions.

2. Create a Security Pact with Neighbors

If you live in an apartment complex, befriending a neighbor is way more effective than if you lived in a neighborhood of 2-story houses; your neighbors are literally a door over.
40% of burglars have stated that the proximity of neighbors is an effective deterrent. Create a pact with your neighbors and look out for each others’ homes.

3. Ask the Landlord A LOT of Questions

It is always smart to befriend your landlord and ask them any questions regarding the apartment security and any past incidences of break-ins. You want to know what extra security measures you need to take in order to ensure your apartment is safe.
Another question to ask your landlord is whether your door locks have been changed from the previous tenants. Sometimes landlords forget, so always keep your landlord accountable.

4. Place a Security Camera Inside Your Home

It is no surprise why burglars find security cameras as the number one factor to consider when targeting a home. Home Security Cameras provide surveillance, alarms, and concrete evidence.
However, security systems can become very expensive, if you purchase from companies like ADT. But, if you want a cheaper alternative that captures the whole apartment for a cheaper price, get yourself a smart home security camera.

5. Buy Extra EXTRA DeadBolts

Most burglars want to be in and out of a home as quick as possible; they only try to spend 8 to 12 minutes per home. That is why, having extra deadbolts are crucial.  Apartment spaces are small, so searching and grabbing jewelry is quick and easy.
All they would need to do is break down the door and just quickly go through the apartment, compared to a house that is a bit bigger and more area to cover. Also, 59.2% of burglaries occurred with some form of force, so have that extra fortification for your front door.

6. Peephole Alternative

The peephole has always been the ultimate front door monitoring tool; however, with its fish lens view, you cannot get a clear picture of everything  outside your apartment. Hence comes the peephole alternative: a wireless video doorbell. These devices are taking over the smart home security market because it monitors the most important entryway for an apartment — the front door.
The issue with many video doorbells is that it requires some type of wire; however,  if you are worried about that then think of investing on a RemoBell that only require batteries.  Place it anywhere outside your home and still get that full monitoring experience.

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Joe Kang

Joe Kang is a writer, a blogger, and a content marketer for Remocam, Inc. Through Remocam's Blogs, SNS, and website, Joe focuses on spreading news about IoT Tech, Smart Homes, Home Security Tips, and product analysis.

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5 Invitations for Burglars

Most Common Entry Point for Burglars Chart to show with area is an invitation to burglars

Data Credit: http://www.alarmrelay.com/burglary-facts-that-should-concern-you/

When you picture a burglar, you might think of an individual dressed in all black with a ski mask on sneaking around at night. Contrary to how TV portrays burglars, most of them break into a home in everyday clothes during the day. If you saw them, you’d probably wouldn’t be able to single them out.
But, they are out there, and they do scope around to see which house is the easiest to break into and the most rewarding. In fact, you could be doing things or “not” doing things that are luring intruders to your home.

1. Easy Entrance

There are over 2.5 million burglaries per year, and about 30% of burglaries occur through an entry of an unlocked door or window. An easy entrance to your home is like a personal invitation to any burglars. You might always lock the front door; however, have you made sure that the other point of entries has been secured as well?
34% of burglaries occur through the front door, 23% occur through the first-floor windows, 22% occur through the back doors, and 21% occur through other entry points (like basements or second-floor windows). Remember that burglars do not want to spend too much time on one house, as they like to spend only 8-12 minutes per home. So, locking all your doors and windows can go a long way.

2. Homes with too much cover

Whether you have high fences, a lot of shades, or thick bushes, remember that burglars seek homes with a lot of covers. If your home is located in the corner of the street or by a cul de sac, those isolated houses can become a target for burglars.
Don’t be alarmed if your home has a lot of covers and is isolated, there are measures you can take to make sure you protect your home.

3. Not cleaning your Curb

Many burglars look for houses that look like they are empty. When you have a home that is not groomed, like the newspaper stacking up at your front door or your garbage bins sitting in the driveway for more than a week, then burglars will suspect that the house is vacant.
I know – they are very observant. However, cleaning up your driveway can at least alert burglars that there are people residing in your home.

4. Social Media

There are two reasons to use social media: to vent to others and to brag to others. However, over publicizing what you are doing on social media can leave your home vulnerable. If you start posting that you will be on vacation or if you start posting pictures of your Bora Bora trip, potential burglars will monitor your page. You’d be shocked by how close by they are to your neighborhood. A simple vacation picture on social media can be
You’d be shocked by how close by they are to your neighborhood. A simple vacation picture on social media can be a signal beacon of a vacant home.

5. No Protection

They say homes without a security system can raise your chance of a break-in by 300%. Whether you purchase a full-on security system or an affordable option with a smart home security camera, a survey conducted with burglars stated that a home with a surveillance system is the most effective deterrence for them.
In fact, 60% of burglars stated that they reconsidered targeting homes if they saw a security system inside. Having a dog in your home could also be a strong deterrent, as roughly 50% of burglars stated they avoided homes with dogs. At the end of the day, make sure that your home is protected.

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Joe Kang

Joe Kang is a writer, a blogger, and a content marketer for Remocam, Inc. Through Remocam's Blogs, SNS, and website, Joe focuses on spreading news about IoT Tech, Smart Homes, Home Security Tips, and product analysis.

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A Homeowner’s Guide to Building A Smart Home

An Image of the Author
About the Author
Ralph Goodman is a professional writer and the resident expert on locks and security over at the Lock Blog. The Lock Blog is a great resource to learn about keys, locks and safety. They offer tips, advice and how-to’s for consumers, locksmiths, and security professionals.






an image featuring building a smart home


In the age of smart technology, there is no reason why you cannot always be connected to your home. This connection can span the globe, or just link you to the other side of the house. When it comes to building your very own smart home, the vision is up to you. You will assemble your products, and that will determine your level of connection. How will they integrate? What is your budget? Once you know what you want, and what you need, you will be on the way to knowing how to build a smart home.

Finding Your Vision

The vision for your smart home is the most ideal concept of what you would like it to be. For example, if you are always out of the house, or traveling, you may want to focus more on smart devices that can update you on the house’s current condition. These would be items like smart locks and surveillance cameras, which can be remotely monitored and will even send automated alerts. The more home body type can also design a smart home that makes living more convenient. Climate control that is intuitive to your preferences, lights that turn themselves on and off without flipping a switch, etc.
If you are very committed, you may just want everything that a smart home can offer. But the real key to realizing your vision is understanding what you will use, and what is practical for your lifestyle. Without a focused vision, it is all too easy to become overwhelmed not only by what you buy but also the selection of what you can buy.

Product Research

What to buy is the question on the mind of most smart home enthusiasts. Not only do you want a product that you can use effectively, you also want the best version of that product. This is largely an issue in the security field, in terms of finding the best smart surveillance camera to buy. With so many products on the market, how do you find out who the best really is?
Anytime you are comparing two smart products, it comes down to the features. You need the product to work with your smartphone. If there is a compatibility issue with your phone, remote usage is no longer a convenient option. This will limit your usage, and decrease the effectiveness of the device and lead to the eventual complete lack of use. Security is another huge concern. With everything on a connected network, you don’t want one weak link leaving your whole house vulnerable.
drawing image of building a smart home

Considering Integration

As I mentioned in the section above, all of your devices are going to be on a shared network…ideally anyway. Just because a device is smart, it does not mean that it is going to integrate with every other smart device you already have. A large part of building a smart home is making sure that you are able to put everything on the same network, and fully capitalize on the Internet of Things.
Compartmentalization is the death of a good smart home. If you are opening multiple different apps to turn on your lights, use your TV, control your stereo, access your cameras, etc., the appeal of smart home convenience is out the window. Everything needs to be talking to each other. So make sure all of your products are compatible.

Budgeting and Building

With such a vast array of very high-tech products, budgeting for your perfect smart home can take a bit of planning. You may need to buy your products in stages. This is very common for building a smart home. Many people do it because they only want one product, and then get hooked. Some want to test the waters before they fully commit to the lifestyle of the future. But whatever your reason is for wanting to do a gradual smart home build, it is much easier to budget for.
The biggest consideration for a long term build is, which product is going to offer you the most. In my experience, this will always be a security device. It is making your home safer, offering peace of mind, insight on your bad habits, and in the case of smart security cameras you get another means of communication to those in your smart home. With the upcoming investments, it makes sense to spend money protecting what you hope to build. A home built on a foundation of security is undoubtedly a smart home.


There is a lot of thinking, planning, and researching that is required when you are building a smart home. It is about more than what you want. It is about what you are going to use, and what is going to deliver the best possible result. Make sure you look into the products you are considering, very thoroughly, and find out what they offer exactly. Discover what they will integrate with and make sure that their possible network matches your goals. And no matter what, you want to take the necessary steps to protect your home, regardless of how smart it is.

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Olive & Dove

Olive & Dove Inc makes Smart Home products. Our first product is RemoCam, a Smart Home security camera. Our second product is RemoBell, a wireless video doorbell. We strive to deliver best quality product and software with smart, intuitive, and caring technology.

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5 Ways To Protect Your Home

Did you know that a burglary is estimated to occur once every 18.2 seconds? Every household wants to ensure that their homes are safe and secure, but when hear that you have a 5 in 1000 chance of being robbed, you could feel a little uneasy. Well, feel assured that there are ways to protect your homes from home invasion.
Installing Motion Sensing Outdoor Lights
Image of the house lights on to protect your home

PC: http://www.poweredperfect.com/security-light/

One way to protect your home is by keeping some of the exterior lights on when you are away from the house or asleep at night. If a Burglar is targeting a home in the dark, they would like to choose the one that doesn’t luminate the house they are trying to break into . Also, if you install exterior lights, neighbors will be able to see the home invader and call for help
Securing the front door

Image of the Front door being secured by a wireless video doorbell to protect your home

The most common entrance point for a burglar is the front door. However, there are additional measures you can take to fortify this entry way. You can install deadbolts or add additional locks to prevent burglars from getting in through force. You can also install a wireless video doorbell to notify your smartphone when a burglar is at your front door or capture a footage of what the burglar looks like.
Befriend a Neighbor
Image of befriending a neighbor to protect you home
Besides locking the doors and closing the windows, there are additional things you can do to secure your home better. You can have a neighbor lookout for your house. In fact, 45% percent of Burglars who took a research survey stated that one of the most effective deterrent of home invasion are seeing neighbors. One thing home invaders try to avoid is too much attention, so if you have vigilante neighbor lookout for your home, it can deter away a lot of burglars. 
Get a Dog
Image of a protective dog to protect your home

PC: https://www.instantcheckmate.com/crimewire/2013/02/15/top-25-guard-dog-breeds/

There is a reason why these companions are man’s best friend. They play with us, they are loyal to us, and they protect us. Dogs can be effective in protecting our homes as 50% of burglars have stated that they deter away from a house with a dog present.
Have surveillance in your home

Image of wireless security camera on a desk to protect your home


Most home invasions occur during the daytime when we are at work or at school. Therefore, it is important that you have some sort of surveillance system to protect your home. You can install a home security system or outdoor motions sensors. If you do not have the budget for that, you can also purchase a smart home security camera with motion sensors that will notify you through your smartphone.


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Olive & Dove

Olive & Dove Inc makes Smart Home products. Our first product is RemoCam, a Smart Home security camera. Our second product is RemoBell, a wireless video doorbell. We strive to deliver best quality product and software with smart, intuitive, and caring technology.

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