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FAQ RemoBell Cloud Subscription Plan

When we drew up the RemoBell Cloud Plan we wanted something different. A plan that was cheap, convenient, and simple to use. A plan that will give you the most bang for your buck, but also not overly complicated. Since the RemoBell Cloud Plan will start March 1st, we stuck with a one fee for one plan model: Unlimited videos per day for $3/ 30-day.


Here are some frequently asked questions:


Can I browse my Cloud videos on the RemoBell website?
No, the videos stored on your Cloud can only be played on the RemoBell app on your smartphone.



How many videos will the cloud store?
You can store unlimited videos per day for 30 day storage



How long does the cloud record for?
Each video will be one minute long, whether it is a ring or motion video.



Is a Cloud plan for all my cameras or is it per camera?
Each plan is per camera. You will need to purchase Cloud plan for each of your cameras.



What videos are stored in the Cloud?
All videos will be stored in the Cloud if you have your settings set up to record to the Cloud. That means answered motion videos, missed motion videos, answered rings, and missed rings.



How do I pay for my Cloud plan?
You can purchase your cloud subscription on our website. Just go to remocam.com from a web browser→ login to your RemoBell account→ click “Your Account” at the top right → Select “My RemoBell” → select your plan then proceed to checkout.



What happens when my 30-day free trial ends?
You will not be able to see your cloud videos on your RemoBell Recent Activity. You will only be able to see a call log of your motion and rings.



How do I save videos?
Videos from rings will automatically be recorded when you have a Cloud plan. To save motion videos you’ll need to turn on the Motion Sensor and turn on Cloud recordings.



Is there a fee for canceling?
Nope! We do not charge any cancellation fees.



Can I get a refund?
We do not offer full or prorated refunds for canceled Cloud plans.



Olive & Dove

Olive & Dove Inc makes Smart Home products. Our first product is RemoCam, a Smart Home security camera. Our second product is RemoBell, a wireless video doorbell. We strive to deliver best quality product and software with smart, intuitive, and caring technology.

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Battery Powered Video Doorbells v. Wire Powered Video Doorbells

An image of RemoBell connected to the outside
In the Smart Home industry, the biggest trend among security cameras is outdoor wireless video doorbells. For those of you who do not know what wireless video doorbells are, in a nutshell, they are security cameras that connect to your WiFi so that you may monitor the outside of your door through your phone when a guest rings.
The popular misconception with wireless video doorbell is that there is an assumption they do not need to be connected to a power cable. That is not completely true. The “wireless” part means that you do not need an ethernet wire to connect your device to the Internet.
By looking at the title of this blog, you probably can piece together that there are video doorbells that are wireless in every sense of the word. Battery powered doorbells are also available, but which one is better?



Place it anywhere you want

When you have a wire powered video doorbell, your video doorbell placement is excluded to where the pre-existing doorbell was. The perks of battery powered video doorbell is that you can install the device anywhere around your house: your front door, your porch, your backyard, or maybe even by your master bedroom. There is more freedom with battery powered doorbell since– the power source is within the device.

Winner: Battery Powered Doorbell




Batteries, at one point or another, you are gonna have to switch them out. The good thing about Battery Powered Doorbells is that most devices last for at least 4 months and they come with rechargeable batteries; however, if you’ve already installed a wired power doorbell, then power shouldn’t be an issue.

Winner: Wire Powered DoorBell



Easy Installation

With battery powered doorbells, all you need to do is connect the device to your app through your WiFi. Imagine unscrewing your pre-existing doorbell, handling electrical wires, messing with the breaker, and hoping your house has enough power to power the doorbell. It’s a nightmare, and that’s why many customers who own a wired powered doorbell needs to call in an installer to set up their camera.

Winner: Battery Powered Doorbell




Wire powered video doorbells, most products can shoot up to 1080p resolution, while battery powered video doorbells can only go up 720p. In this aspect, wire powered video doorbells are clearly the winner; however, internet plays a huge factor in resolution. If your internet is not as good, then your 1080p can drop down to 480p the whole time you use your camera. The doorbell comparison on resolution can always vary.

Winner: Tie



Don’t have electrical wires?

Do you live in an apartment? Do you have a gate? Do you live in the city where there are no doorbells? These are the limitation with wired powered doorbells. If you don’t have a pre-existing doorbell, then you have a $200 device collecting dust in your garage. With Battery powered video doorbells, you don’t need to live in a suburban home to surveillance your front door. It’s accessible.

Winner: Battery Powered Doorbell


In the end, Battery Powered Doorbells are more convenient, easy to setup, accessible, and with less limitation. However, if you are looking for a doorbell that does not require the constant changing of batteries and better resolution, then wire powered video doorbells is a good option. The facts are on the table, it is your choice to decide which wireless security camera is the right fit for you.




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Olive & Dove

Olive & Dove Inc makes Smart Home products. Our first product is RemoCam, a Smart Home security camera. Our second product is RemoBell, a wireless video doorbell. We strive to deliver best quality product and software with smart, intuitive, and caring technology.

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Why You Need a Smart Home Doorbell

What if I told you that Smart Home Doorbells are essential to effectively monitor your homes? Now, if you are wondering what Smart Home Doorbells are, they are wireless video doorbells that show you real-time footage when someone rings the doorbell or is near it.
It’s exciting right —  another alternative for walking up to the peephole to check who’s at door. However, video doorbell offers more than convenience; rather, they provide users with protection at an area of the house that is the focal point of break-ins.

An Image showing a Wireless DoorBell at the Front Door

1. Protect your family from home invasion

The front door has always been the primary entry point for many home intrusion; therefore, it makes sense that industries created Smart Home devices that focus on monitoring this entrance. If you are looking for home security, you probably want a device that will notify you whenever someone is at your front door. Whether they may be the delivery man, a burglar, or a porch pirate, your mind will be more at ease when you have the capability to monitor your front door. You will also want footage of the person who broke into your home since only 13.6% of burglars actually get arrested due to lack of evidence and witnesses.

2. Prevent your packages from being stolen

We all love online shopping. It’s convenient, sometimes cheaper, and everyone is doing it. But, your day could be completely ruined when you find out that someone had the nerves to steal one of your packages. It is also not uncommon. When you hear that 23 million Americans have had their packages stolen, it can strike fear to your heart. The great thing about wireless doorbells is that they have motion sensors that will alert you when someone is at your door. Be notified when your item is delivered at your doorstep and capture footages of the person who tries to steal your package.

3. Monitor for Broken packages

Stolen packages can be really rough, but opening a package with a broken item can be just as bad. It is possible that someone sent you a damaged product or that the delivery person mishandled your package. Either way, you need a video camera to make sure that no one is just tossing you new iPhone at your front door.
In the End, a wireless video doorbell has more to offer than just being a video camera in front of your house; these doorbells can serve as a home security monitoring system. Protect the most important entry point of your house and make sure that nothing happens to your packages.

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