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Living Off-Campus, 4 Security Mistakes Students Make

Living off-campus
Living off-campus was one of my best decisions while in college; although, to be fair, the food at my school was at best high school lunch quality. Still, living off-campus meant cooking my own food, coming home whenever I wanted to, and finally putting a ping pong table in the living room.
Many college students choose to live off-campus because they finally get that independence they’ve always wanted since living on-campus has its rules and limitations. However, with too much freedom comes overbearing responsibility, and some students keep the same home security habits as when they lived in the dorms.
Here are common mistakes students make that makes them vulnerable for a break-in.
1. Forgetting to Lock the Door.
The rule of thumb to ensure 100% door security is to lock the deadbolt, and then checking to see if it is completely secured every time you leave the house. Everyone knows these procedures; however, if you’re a college student and you think that your friend is home because he has class at 7pm, you might leave the house with the doors unlocked. Well– that is a gamble that could bite you in the back.
Students tend to forget to lock all doors and, most times, they forget that the windows, the back doors, and the garage doors need to be locked as well. Lock the doors… Always lock the doors.
2. Letting Door to Door Salesmen Inside your Home
In college, I had one suspicious pest control salesperson knocking on my door selling his product and then asking if he could use our bathroom. We did not let him in, but our neighbors did, and guess what happened after we came back from the holidays.
If you live in a college city, you are quite aware of when school starts and when the holidays come around. You are not the only one– burglars and home intruders know this as well.  Therefore, when the semester is almost ending, they will go door to door to scoping out some of the stuff students have in their home. Don’t fall for their trick and always be cautious.
3. Leaving All Of Your Valuables for Display
To be more specific, forgetting to conceal your TVs or gaming consoles for the holidays. There are many college students who forget to cover their TV’s with a blanket or hiding their desktops under their bed. Unless you take those items with you during your break, hide all your valuables.
Even if you close all the blinds in your home or cover your whole house with a giant blanket, there will always be daylight that will sneak its way through.
4. Posting on Social Media
Social Media is sooo dangerous. It is an amazing tool, but it is so dangerous. Millennials love to post on social media. I love to post on social media. However, we forget how many people look into our posts.
When students post that they will miss everyone during the holidays and how their whole housemates will be gone for break that is like hanging an LED sign saying “EMPTY HOUSE ENTER HERE”. Be safe, and avoid posting about leaving .

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What was your experience like living off-campus during school? Let us know by commenting below. Also, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. We will have weekly updates on new blog content about home security, IoT, and Olive & Dove’s future products.

Joe Kang

Joe Kang is a writer, a blogger, and a content marketer for Remocam, Inc. Through Remocam's Blogs, SNS, and website, Joe focuses on spreading news about IoT Tech, Smart Homes, Home Security Tips, and product analysis.

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3 Reasons Why College Dorms Get Burglarized

college dorm image
Move-in day is an exciting time for all college students. It is the next chapter that they will embark on their lives. They will meet their lifelong friends, expand their knowledge, and grow as an individual.
Yet, before all that the most exciting time for any college students is when they finally grasp their independence through their dorm life. However, living in the dorms can be dangerous as 11,000 dormitory robberies occur every year.
I know– how can dorms get burglarized. Well, independence, meeting new people, and that “college experience” can be so euphoric that it keeps student’s guards down.  Here are 3 security mishaps every college student should keep in mind.

1. Not locking your doors

If you are a parent, you will be shocked by how many students leave their dorm rooms unlocked when they go out. If you are a student, you probably understand why you leave the dorm room unlocked– it’s a hassle and the dorm security is already great.
However, getting inside a residence hall is ridiculously easy; you just wait for a resident to open the doors. There are also neighboring students who may go around stealing other people’s belongings.
Burglary in the dorm is no news, as it happens frequently; however, how easy students make it  for burglars to steal their stuff can make you scratch your head. Always lock your doors and remind your roommates as well.

2. Opening doors for stranger

Many resident halls have a great security system that prevents outsiders from coming in. Yet, burglars always find a way to get inside the building. Actually, all you need to do is wait for a resident to come by and say “oh… I forgot my keys”, then they’re in.
Not even that, some students just let strangers into their residence hall without even asking. Echo the importance of not letting strangers in your residence hall.

3. Leaving valuables around

When you have hundreds of students living in the same residence hall, you can best believe that these students will visit each other’s dorms frequently. However, the issue occurs when a roommate invites his friend to his dorm, and then the friend steals a valuable in that room.
With so many students visiting each other’s dorm, an expensive laptop can just disappear if it is not attended for. Buy a Masterlock to store your valuables in a drawer or buy a home security camera to see who tries to steal your stuff.

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Are you a college student? Do you have some security tips for living in the dorms? Let us know in the comments below. Also, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.

Joe Kang

Joe Kang is a writer, a blogger, and a content marketer for Remocam, Inc. Through Remocam's Blogs, SNS, and website, Joe focuses on spreading news about IoT Tech, Smart Homes, Home Security Tips, and product analysis.

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Why You Need a Smart Home Doorbell

What if I told you that Smart Home Doorbells are essential to effectively monitor your homes? Now, if you are wondering what Smart Home Doorbells are, they are wireless video doorbells that show you real-time footage when someone rings the doorbell or is near it.
It’s exciting right —  another alternative for walking up to the peephole to check who’s at door. However, video doorbell offers more than convenience; rather, they provide users with protection at an area of the house that is the focal point of break-ins.

An Image showing a Wireless DoorBell at the Front Door

1. Protect your family from home invasion

The front door has always been the primary entry point for many home intrusion; therefore, it makes sense that industries created Smart Home devices that focus on monitoring this entrance. If you are looking for home security, you probably want a device that will notify you whenever someone is at your front door. Whether they may be the delivery man, a burglar, or a porch pirate, your mind will be more at ease when you have the capability to monitor your front door. You will also want footage of the person who broke into your home since only 13.6% of burglars actually get arrested due to lack of evidence and witnesses.

2. Prevent your packages from being stolen

We all love online shopping. It’s convenient, sometimes cheaper, and everyone is doing it. But, your day could be completely ruined when you find out that someone had the nerves to steal one of your packages. It is also not uncommon. When you hear that 23 million Americans have had their packages stolen, it can strike fear to your heart. The great thing about wireless doorbells is that they have motion sensors that will alert you when someone is at your door. Be notified when your item is delivered at your doorstep and capture footages of the person who tries to steal your package.

3. Monitor for Broken packages

Stolen packages can be really rough, but opening a package with a broken item can be just as bad. It is possible that someone sent you a damaged product or that the delivery person mishandled your package. Either way, you need a video camera to make sure that no one is just tossing you new iPhone at your front door.
In the End, a wireless video doorbell has more to offer than just being a video camera in front of your house; these doorbells can serve as a home security monitoring system. Protect the most important entry point of your house and make sure that nothing happens to your packages.

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Leave us a comment below on what you think about wireless video doorbells, and remember to check out our other blogs as well.  Also, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and give us a shoutout

Joe Kang

Joe Kang is a writer, a blogger, and a content marketer for Remocam, Inc. Through Remocam's Blogs, SNS, and website, Joe focuses on spreading news about IoT Tech, Smart Homes, Home Security Tips, and product analysis.

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What To Do After a Break-In

An image of family trauma after a break-in

Photo Credit: https://static.pexels.com/photos/60252/pexels-photo-60252.jpeg

Words cannot explain how frightening it is when you and your family experiences a break-in. Sometimes, it is not that someone stole something from your home that is frightening–it’s what could’ve happened if you were still at the house. Your sense of security and peace of mind can get hindered. A Home Break-in is something we all hope to never experience; however it is still something we need to be prepared for. So, here is what you should do if you ever experience a break-in.


1. Call the officials

The first and immediate thought that will probably go through your head would be to call the police. You want to report the crime as soon as possible so that the officials can immediately start investigating. Write a list and report any belongings that were taken; if your security camera’s motion detector caught any footages, remember to hand it to the officials; and remember, do not touch anything until the officers arrive. You do not want to damage any evidence.

2. Contact your Insurance company

You will also want to contact the insurance company within a day to file an insurance claim. Remember that your insurance company will need a police report, pictures, and evidence to process your claim. It’s important that you call the police first before you contact your insurance company.

3. Get back on your feet

After you have filed your reports and made your claims, it’s time for you to pick everything up again. Clean the broken glass, fix the broken door, and try to put your house the way it was before the  incident. This will be the first step to moving past this experience. Stay close with your family, talk to others about how you feel, and seek moral support. The best way to get past a traumatic experience is through support from others.

4. Secure your home

In order to get your sense of security back, you need to install some type of security system. Whether you decide to get a guard dog or install a Home Security Camera, make sure that you secure your home. Also, just because a burglar struck your home once, do not think they won’t strike again. Burglars may return to the crime scene, so it is important that you make sure that your house is protected.


Let us Know

If you would like to learn more ways to protect your home, check out our other blog on “5 ways to protect your home”.  If you have a RemoCam and you caught some interesting footage, remember to send it to us at marketing@olivendove.com. Also, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and give us a shoutout.

Joe Kang

Joe Kang is a writer, a blogger, and a content marketer for Remocam, Inc. Through Remocam's Blogs, SNS, and website, Joe focuses on spreading news about IoT Tech, Smart Homes, Home Security Tips, and product analysis.

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Is your Home protected for the Fall?

An image a lot leaves in case of a burglary during the fall
Fall is a beautiful time in the year where the weather starts to get colder, the leaves start to change color, the days get a little darker, and you can finally bring out your favorite seasonal scarves. However, Fall can be a very dangerous time for household break-ins, as it is one of the seasons when a burglary would most likely occur. Here are some tips that you can use to make sure that your family does not become a victim of a burglary during the Fall.

1. Less daylight, so keep your home lit

The time frame when burglaries occur the most is from 10am to 3pm, when most of us are at work or at school. With the daylight shortening, your home will be less illuminated when you’re still working your 9 to 5; therefore, try to light up your house as much as possible during the afternoon. Install some motion sensing exterior lights or buy a home security camera that could turn on your indoor lights using its home automation feature so you don’t have to be at home to flip the switch. Don’t give the burglars the opportunity to roam around your neighborhood in the dark.

2. Keep your yard clean

During this time of the year, your yards are probably filled with leaves, dead branches, rakes, and compost bins that are overflowing. It can be a pain keeping up with your Fall cleaning; however, a dirty yard is like luring a burglar to your home. When a burglar sees a house that is not groomed, some of them will assume that the house has been vacant because of a family vacation. Some burglars may target a house with a dirty yard because there are more places to hide and it is less noticeable on the street. Make sure you are grooming your yard; you don’t want them to take advantage of a messy yard.

3. Less people outside, so install an outdoor monitoring system

In the Summer, you will probably see more people walking their dogs, cutting their grass, or washing their cars. However, with the weather getting colder and the days getting shorter, fewer people will be inclined to go outside. Usually, wandering eyes were a deterrent for burglars, but with fewer people outside, you will want to install some type of outdoor monitoring system. Get an outdoor security camera or wireless video doorbell; just make sure that you have a second pair of eyes in your front yard.

4. Watch what you post on Social Media

One of the great joys of social media is that we can tell the world what we are doing at any moment. However, over publicizing what we do can be very dangerous, as we do not know who could be reading them. Remember not to post that you are out of the house or how long you will be gone for, especially with Halloween and Thanksgiving coming around. A burglar could follow your updates and potentially target your home next.

Let us Know

If you have a RemoCam and you caught some interesting footage, remember to send it to us at marketing@olivendove.com. Also, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and give us a shoutout



Joe Kang

Joe Kang is a writer, a blogger, and a content marketer for Remocam, Inc. Through Remocam's Blogs, SNS, and website, Joe focuses on spreading news about IoT Tech, Smart Homes, Home Security Tips, and product analysis.

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5 Ways To Protect Your Home

Did you know that a burglary is estimated to occur once every 18.2 seconds? Every household wants to ensure that their homes are safe and secure, but when hear that you have a 5 in 1000 chance of being robbed, you could feel a little uneasy. Well, feel assured that there are ways to protect your homes from home invasion.
Installing Motion Sensing Outdoor Lights
Image of the house lights on to protect your home

PC: http://www.poweredperfect.com/security-light/

One way to protect your home is by keeping some of the exterior lights on when you are away from the house or asleep at night. If a Burglar is targeting a home in the dark, they would like to choose the one that doesn’t luminate the house they are trying to break into . Also, if you install exterior lights, neighbors will be able to see the home invader and call for help
Securing the front door

Image of the Front door being secured by a wireless video doorbell to protect your home

The most common entrance point for a burglar is the front door. However, there are additional measures you can take to fortify this entry way. You can install deadbolts or add additional locks to prevent burglars from getting in through force. You can also install a wireless video doorbell to notify your smartphone when a burglar is at your front door or capture a footage of what the burglar looks like.
Befriend a Neighbor
Image of befriending a neighbor to protect you home
Besides locking the doors and closing the windows, there are additional things you can do to secure your home better. You can have a neighbor lookout for your house. In fact, 45% percent of Burglars who took a research survey stated that one of the most effective deterrent of home invasion are seeing neighbors. One thing home invaders try to avoid is too much attention, so if you have vigilante neighbor lookout for your home, it can deter away a lot of burglars. 
Get a Dog
Image of a protective dog to protect your home

PC: https://www.instantcheckmate.com/crimewire/2013/02/15/top-25-guard-dog-breeds/

There is a reason why these companions are man’s best friend. They play with us, they are loyal to us, and they protect us. Dogs can be effective in protecting our homes as 50% of burglars have stated that they deter away from a house with a dog present.
Have surveillance in your home

Image of wireless security camera on a desk to protect your home


Most home invasions occur during the daytime when we are at work or at school. Therefore, it is important that you have some sort of surveillance system to protect your home. You can install a home security system or outdoor motions sensors. If you do not have the budget for that, you can also purchase a smart home security camera with motion sensors that will notify you through your smartphone.


Let us Know

Let us know some of your tips of protecting your homes by commenting below. Also, check out our other RemoCam Blogs and  follow us on Facebook, Twittter, Linkedin, and Instagram, and give us a little shout out!

Olive & Dove

Olive & Dove Inc makes Smart Home products. Our first product is RemoCam, a Smart Home security camera. Our second product is RemoBell, a wireless video doorbell. We strive to deliver best quality product and software with smart, intuitive, and caring technology.

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